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  1. You must have an ACS account to register for a ‘My BMJ Best Practice’ account and to access the BMJ Best Practice app.
  2. Register for an ACS account if you have not already registered.
  3. Access BMJ Best Practice remotely using your ACS login  and click on the register link to create your BMJ Best Practice account.
  4. Once logged in, click on ‘My BMJ Best Practice’ and follow the instructions, either sign in with or register for a My BMJ Best Practice account.
  5. Log out of your My BMJ Best Practice accounts by clicking on your name. Then, click ‘Logout’ from the CHC homepage.
  6. Log back in to BMJ Best Practice and your My BMJ Best Practice account.
  7. Search for ‘BMJ Best Practice’ in App Store or Google Play and install the application to your device.
  8. Launch the application and enter your ‘My BMJ Best Practice’ login details (email and password). Institutional number is not required.
  9. Then, tap ‘Login’. The full content of the app will automatically download when you have a Wi-Fi connection.