If you are experiencing problems accessing a CHC resource, please contact the CHC Customer Support Desk (Tel: 1800 107 421) and provide answers to the below questions:

  • What is the name of the journal/resource that you are having problems with?
  • When did the problem start (e.g. date and approximate time)?
  • Are you trying to access the CHC resource whilst onsite (at work) or remotely (i.e. from home)?
  • How are you accessing this resource (e.g. CHC website, library A-to-Z listing, library website/portal)?
  • Is this problem affecting one computer or a whole department?
  • Have you been able to access this resource in the past?
  • Have you cleared your cookies cache and recent browsing history and reattempted access?
  • Please provide a “Print Screen” copy of the error message you are viewing to be pasted into the email

We may also request additional information to assist with your query, as listed below:

  • Your domain name: (You may need help from your IT department).
  • Your IP address: (you can check this using www.whatismyip.com).
  • The username and password of the account/s you are having this problem with.